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What I Didn't Do This Mother's Day....

So, as I hope you’ve noticed, last night’s edition of The Wynorski Project failed to make it online as scheduled. This after it was already delayed a full week due to my need to relive my childhood by watching a brilliant musical maniac screaming an ode to Bunuel’s Un Chien Andalou.

I would like to tell you that this was the rather unfortunate result of my purchasing the engrossing Mass Effect 2 during the Mother’s Day weekend, which caused the time I’d normally reserve for its composition to be instead taken up by the blasting of various alien hordes, not to mention the requisite familial duties involving the veneration of my birth-giver, but the truth is that as the weekend approached I found myself dreading the self-assigned task I knew I had ahead of me.

Despite my ambitious plan to pursue my investigation into Wynorski’s career until at least 40 films into his filmography, I realize that after only 12 movies in I’d pretty much exhausted the subject in terms of both insight and my own entertainment. Having become a chore to be dealt with rather than a diversion to be enjoyed, now is clearly the time to switch things up a bit.

To that end I’ve decided to replace The Wynorski Project with another weekly critical assignment—one slightly broader in scope, in that it’ll be essentially the same thing, only without the focus on the same filmmaker each week. Having spent the past four months in the insane world of advertising, I’ve decided to brand this revised project as directly and succinctly as possible. So, as of next Sunday, The Wynorski Project will transform into:

B-Movie Bullsh*t